Septic Pumping in Wesley Chapel, NC

Most households in the United States enjoy the convenience of a centralized sewer system. The remaining twenty percent of households rely on solutions such as a septic system. Though these onsite wastewater treatment systems save you from monthly sewer bills, the maintenance and repairs become your responsibility. Septic tank pumping is an important maintenance item and is due roughly once every three to five years. Call Charlotte Septic Pros to schedule your septic tank pumping in Wesley Chapel today. We also offer septic tank cleaning and other septic services. Our live representatives are on standby to take your call today.


Proper Septic System Care

A septic system can last around 30 years, and even more with proper care and routine maintenance. Septic system care is not complicated. Before we get to that, however, let’s go over how a septic system works. This should help put everything into perspective.
Clean water enters your property through plumbing pipes and the waste and wastewater leave your property through the drains. If you have a septic system, the waste, and wastewater lead into the septic tank. The solid waste remains in the septic tank where bacteria break it down into sludge. Meanwhile, the wastewater, or effluent, continues through the septic tank and into the drain field where it percolates through the soil for treatment.

First and foremost, you want to be mindful of what goes in the septic system. You do NOT want harsh chemicals in the septic tank. Chemical cleaners can kill helpful bacteria. You also want to keep out items that do not break down easily. That means no wet wipes, paper towels, hygiene products, kitty litter, and so forth. These are clog threats just like used fats, oils, and greases.
You should also use water efficiently. Using too much water can overwhelm the drain field and increase the risk of a system failure. Stagger water usage and consider upgrading plumbing fixtures to water-efficient ones.
Finally, keep heavy traffic and structures away from the septic system area. Do not drive or install anything on top of the septic tank and drain field.

Septic Pumping Vs. Septic Cleaning

Although bacteria help save space in the septic tank by breaking down waste into dense sludge, the tank will eventually fill up. You should schedule a wastewater treatment system pumping before that happens. The rule of thumb is to have the septic system pumped once every three to five years, but this depends on some factors like the size of the tank and your household.
Arrange a septic cleaning in Wesley Chapel once every other septic pumping. Septic cleaning is similar to septic pumping but more extensive. While septic pumping removes a majority of the sludge and waste in the septic tank, septic tank cleaning eliminates hardened and stubborn waste.  

Serving All Areas of Wesley Chapel

Are you in Wesley Chapel wondering, “Where can I find septic pumping near me?” If so, then you are at the right place. Consider us your local Wesley Chapel septic pumping company. Charlotte Septic Pros is thrilled to serve all areas of Wesley Chapel with quick and affordable septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning.

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Customer Reviews

Bryan Graham

Waxhaw, NC

Extremely professional technician. He was able to provide an explanation of issues and  was willing to take the time to do a thorough job. He was a lifesaver that immediately addressed the situation with our septic system. As a contractor myself, I highly recommend this company. Fair pricing was a plus!

Wil Moore

Charlotte, NC

Todd Berry did an exceptional job!  Told me up front what the costs were going to be before work began.  Ensured that I knew what was going on and if there were any recommendations.  I would use Charlotte Septic Pros again without hesitation.  Great company and great customer service.  Added bonus - they sent me a text and email of Todd with his name and picture so I would know  who was coming to work at my house. Thank you for a job well done!