Septic Tank Inspection in Charlotte, NC

Is your septic system showing signs of decline? Since your septic tank and drain field are buried underground, it can be very difficult for more homeowners to know what is wrong with their system. A professional septic specialist can properly inspect your septic tank and pinpoint the reason behind your recurring problem. The specialists at Charlotte Septic Pros offer premium services for local property owners, including dependable septic tank inspection in Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding metro area locations. If you’ve been searching Google for “septic inspectors near me,” then you’ve found the right place. Discuss your needs with our friendly team and find out how our Charlotte septic inspectors can ensure the safety and efficiency of your septic system. 


Why Is a Septic Tank Inspection Important?

Your septic tank works hard to properly manage your home’s wastewater. Over the years, time and wear can take their toll. If you have moved into a previously owned home and aren’t sure whether the septic system has been properly maintained, it’s important to know what to expect in the coming years. Likewise, if you have enjoyed years of use, but have begun to experience septic or plumbing issues, then you might be wondering what went wrong. Our team has the training, experience, and professional equipment needed to inspect your tank for signs of trouble. We can provide information about the current condition of your system, as well as offer guidance on the recommended frequency of septic tank pumping and other essential septic services. 

What to Expect from a Professional Septic Tank Inspection in Charlotte, NC

There are many factors that Charlotte septic inspectors should consider when evaluating the condition of a septic system. Here is a list of the tasks that your inspector should perform during the appointment: 

  • Evaluate Chemical Balance
  • Check for Leaks in the Tank
  • Determining Need for Repairs, Septic Tank Cleanings, or Maintenance Services
  • Inspection of the Drain Field
  • Soil Compaction Assessment and Absorption Tests 

Benefits of Hiring Experienced Charlotte Septic Inspectors 

Some property owners may enjoy doing their own maintenance and home improvement tasks. However, dealing with septic issues is not the same as installing new countertops. Septic inspections can be a very complex process. Mistakes made when handling sewage can lead to personal injury, illness, and environmental contamination. While homeowners can keep an eye out for symptoms of septic problems, they should always hire a septic company for inspections and services to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their household. It’s important that someone with professional training and hands-on experience conducts your inspection service. 

Do You Need a Reliable Septic Tank Inspection in Charlotte, North Carolina? 

Are you tired of searching the internet for “septic inspectors near me”? Then call the septic technicians at Charlotte Septic Pros today. Our experienced septic professionals are always available to help local homeowners and businesses improve the condition of their septic systems. Contact our office for more details or to schedule an appointment for your upcoming septic tank inspection in Charlott, NC, or a nearby community. 

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Customer Reviews

Bryan Graham

Waxhaw, NC

Extremely professional technician. He was able to provide an explanation of issues and  was willing to take the time to do a thorough job. He was a lifesaver that immediately addressed the situation with our septic system. As a contractor myself, I highly recommend this company. Fair pricing was a plus!

Wil Moore

Charlotte, NC

Todd Berry did an exceptional job!  Told me up front what the costs were going to be before work began.  Ensured that I knew what was going on and if there were any recommendations.  I would use Charlotte Septic Pros again without hesitation.  Great company and great customer service.  Added bonus - they sent me a text and email of Todd with his name and picture so I would know  who was coming to work at my house. Thank you for a job well done!