Septic Cleaning

Have you dealt with frequent clogs and toilet backups for weeks? Does your slow draining kitchen sink and bathtub make basic daily tasks feel like a massive hassle? While these issues can be a sign of plumbing trouble, they could also be caused by a full septic tank. If your property has a septic system, and it’s been years since your last service, then it’s probably time to schedule a septic tank cleaning appointment as soon as possible. The professionals at Charlotte Septic Pros enjoy helping local homeowners and businesses improve the efficiency and longevity of their septic systems. Are you unsure whether septic tank cleaning services can help solve your plumbing problems? Read…


Septic Pumping

Has it been several years since your last septic service? If so, then you may have already begun experiencing common signs of trouble. Strange sewage smells, recurring clogs, wastewater backups, and slow draining sinks are a few of the most frustrating consequences of neglecting professional septic maintenance services. Charlotte Septic Pros offers premium septic services for local property owners, including septic tank pumping. Speak with our friendly team today to find out how our septic specialists can help get your system back in top condition fast.  Why You Should Prioritize Their Septic Tank Pumping Services  Ignoring your septic system could create lasting problems with your…


Septic Inspection

Is your septic system showing signs of decline? Since your septic tank and drain field are buried underground, it can be very difficult for more homeowners to know what is wrong with their system. A professional septic specialist can properly inspect your septic tank and pinpoint the reason behind your recurring problem. The specialists at Charlotte Septic Pros offer premium services for local property owners, including dependable septic tank inspection in Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding metro area locations. If you’ve been searching Google for “septic inspectors near me,” then you’ve found the right place. Discuss your needs with our friendly team and find…

Have Septic Problems?

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Septic Repair

If you are among the twenty percent of homeowners in the United States whose homes are not connected to a centralized sewer system, then you probably depend on a septic system installation. These are fairly reliable systems that can give you up to 40 years of service. They are not impenetrable or indestructible, however. A septic tank is vulnerable to all sorts of wear and tear, neglect, and accidental damage. If you need a septic tank repair in Charlotte, then waste no time in calling Charlotte Septic Pros. Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call, and our dedicated septic technicians are ready to dispatch to your location. Call now to schedule an appointment or request…


Septic Installation

For most people, the sewage treatment process is not something to think about. Nearly 80 percent of homes in the United States are connected to a centralized sewer system. They pay monthly sewer bills, and a local entity takes care of the sewage treatment. The other 20 percent of homeowners, however, depend on on-site treatment. For most of these homeowners, a septic tank installation is the only option. You might be thinking, “Yuck! Sewage treatment right on my property?” Don’t worry, we have everything covered – literally and metaphorically. Continue reading or call Charlotte Septic Pros to learn more about our septic tank installation in Charlotte. We are your local…


Septic Maintenance

If you live in a rural area or off the grid, then you are probably NOT connected to a centralized sewer system. This means you likely have a septic system installed on your property. Roughly 20 percent of homes in the United States depend on a septic system. If your building depends on a septic system installation, then make sure you are scheduling routine septic maintenance. Regular septic tank maintenance in Charlotte can be the difference between a septic tank that lasts 40 years and one that gives you five years of hell. If it has been over three years since your last septic system maintenance, then call Charlotte Septic Pros to speak with a live representative and schedule your appointment.…

Customer Reviews

Charlotte Septic Pros has great reviews. Read on to see what our happy customers have to say about our septic tank services.

Bryan Graham
Waxhaw, NC



Extremely professional technician. He was able to provide an explanation of issues and  was willing to take the time to do a thorough job. He was a lifesaver that immediately addressed the situation with our septic system. As a contractor myself, I highly recommend this company. Fair pricing was a plus!

Wil Moore
Charlotte, NC



Todd Berry did an exceptional job!  Told me up front what the costs were going to be before work began.  Ensured that I knew what was going on and if there were any recommendations.  I would use Charlotte Septic Pros again without hesitation.  Great company and great customer service.  Added bonus - they sent me a text and email of Todd with his name and picture so I would know  who was coming to work at my house. Thank you for a job well done!