Emergency Septic Tank Repair in Fairview, NC

It’s never a pleasant experience when a septic tank fails or stops functioning as it should. A failing septic tank or one in need of repair can lead to unsanitary conditions in your home, contaminate groundwater, and cause terrible odors within your home. Therefore, any warning signs of impending septic tank failure should be checked out as soon as possible by septic tank experts. If you’re in Fairview or the nearby areas and need septic tank repair in Fairview, NC, Charlotte Septic Pros is the septic company you need on your side.


Here at Charlotte Septic Pros, we are experts in everything septic services, including septic tank installation in Fairview, septic system repair, septic inspection, septic pumping & cleaning, and septic system maintenance in Fairview, NC. We’ve been installing, repairing, replacing, and keeping septic tanks and other septic components in good working order for many years. So there’s no septic job that’s too complicated or too small for our team.

Charlotte Septic Pros Is Here for All of Your Septic Tank Repair Needs

If wastewater is flowing back into your home through drains and toilets, your septic tank is overflowing in the yard, or something doesn’t smell right, then you know something is wrong with your septic tank. Neglecting a malfunctioning septic tank will only lead to larger and more expensive problems down the road. If you’ve noticed signs of septic tank problems in your Fairview home or business premises, you can rely on Charlotte Septic Pros to resolve the issues.

When our septic tank repair technicians arrive at your home, they will help you understand the condition of your septic tank and explain all of your options before starting repairs so you can make informed decisions. Whether you need a pump out to prevent sewage overflows, the inlet pipe unclogged, or to replace a collapsed baffle, we can help.

Septic System Maintenance in Fairview, NC

Proper maintenance of your septic system is essential to its adequate function, and overlooking septic system maintenance can have serious consequences. If you want to keep all the components of your septic system in perfect working condition and prevent a wide range of septic problems, then you need to invest in routine septic system maintenance. Routine wastewater treatment system inspection in Fairview keeps you informed of the status of your septic system, helps you identify any repairs that need to be done to your system, and reduces maintenance costs. Our septic inspection team at Charlotte Septic Pros is equipped with everything they need to evaluate the condition of your septic system and make the necessary repairs or replacements to prevent potential failure.

Your Local Septic Tank Repair Experts in Fairview, NC

When you need septic tank installation, septic tank repair in Fairview, or wastewater treatment system inspection in Fairview, trust the experience and professionalism of the experts at Charlotte Septic Pros. Our knowledgeable and experienced septic technicians have worked on all types of septic systems, from the most basic household septic systems to tertiary wastewater treatment plants and large municipal treatment plants.

Our technicians have the skills, decades of experience, and advanced equipment to perform reliable septic repair, septic tank installation in Fairview, and septic system maintenance.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our septic technicians.

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Customer Reviews

Bryan Graham

Waxhaw, NC

Extremely professional technician. He was able to provide an explanation of issues and  was willing to take the time to do a thorough job. He was a lifesaver that immediately addressed the situation with our septic system. As a contractor myself, I highly recommend this company. Fair pricing was a plus!

Wil Moore

Charlotte, NC

Todd Berry did an exceptional job!  Told me up front what the costs were going to be before work began.  Ensured that I knew what was going on and if there were any recommendations.  I would use Charlotte Septic Pros again without hesitation.  Great company and great customer service.  Added bonus - they sent me a text and email of Todd with his name and picture so I would know  who was coming to work at my house. Thank you for a job well done!